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安西 可奈  アンザイ カナ






Kana Anzai was born in 1994 in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

After graduating from Nagoya City Industrial Arts High School she decided to specialise in photography by going to Nagoya Visual arts college while working as an assistant to a local photographer.


In 2015 she moved to Tokyo and went on to work for three years at the commercial photography studio IINO Media Pro. Shortly after leaving the company in 2018, she had the opportunity to curate her solo exhibition at the Omotesando Rocket gallery where she portrayed the work of 8 hair and make-up artists.


In a pursuit of expanding her personal and artistic horizons, she spent some time living abroad and returned to Japan to devote herself full time to her artistic work. 


Kana’s work explores the pain of grief that the artist has always lived with and tries to capture beauty in its fullest expression. 


She is currently living and working in the city of Kyoto.






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2023.10   Partager」(大阪府和泉市/FILNE store)

2022.12   「emotional journey」(愛知県名古屋市/.LAB RAINROOTS) 

2018.8    「FOCUS」(東京都渋谷区/表参道ヒルズ同潤館ROCET)


2023.12   「いまここ、響きあう(京都市下京区/四条半)

2023.9    「PB展 B side」(愛知県名古屋市/.LAB RAINROOTS)

2022.5    「芽が息吹く」(京都市上京区/kumagusukuSAS) − KG +

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